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Infant & Child Baggage Allowances

A common question asked by many parents flying with young children is, what is my child’s baggage allowance? Can I take a child car safety seat with me? Can I take a pushchair or buggy? Do I have to pay extra to put these items in the hold? Can I take their buggy or pushchair to the airline’s gate? Does my child have a hand baggage allowance?

We have compiled together the latest, (Summer 2019), airlines baggage specifications and requirements when flying with infants or children.


You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child;

One pushchair, plus either a car seat, booster seat or travel cot.

When arriving at the airport check in at the Bag Drop Desk and the 2 free items will be tagged and be put in the hold. 

Alternatively, children’s pushchairs and buggys can be used up to the aircrafts steps and will then be placed in the aircraft’s hold.  All airlines recommend that you place a pushchair or buggy in a travel bag to prevent damage.

If you wish to travel with more items of infant or child equipment in addition to the 2 free items these can be purchased and paid for on your booking.  There is a maximum weight of 20 kgs for these items.

A car seat can be taken on board for use by an infant or child (who have their own booked seat), provided it is approved for aircraft use and has a 5 point harness.  The car seat must be; front facing, fit in the space between the armrests of the aircraft seat (42.5 cm/16.8 inches) and be certified for use on board an aircraft.

Infants sitting on an adult’s lap have no cabin baggage allowance.  A baby bag up to 5kg can be taken on board in addition to the accompanying adult’s own cabin bag.

An infant over the age of 1, sitting in their own seat are allowed 1 small cabin bag which must be able to fit under the seat in front (dimensions 40cm x 20cm x 25m).  In addition they may also purchase a checked in bag.


Every infant (including those on your lap) can take up to two items of child/baby equipment free of charge.  These include; pushchair, buggy, travel cot, back carrier, car seat etc.  No item may weigh more than 32 kg.

These items will need to be checked in at the Bag Drop Desk.  Items such as a pushchair or buggy can usually be taken to the aircraft steps, however, check at the Bag Drop Desk that this is the case.

If you have more than 2 items of child/baby equipment these can be purchased as hold baggage on your booking.

Infants (under 2 years of age) sitting on an adult’s lap do not qualify for free hand baggage.  Infants sitting on an adult’s lap fly for a fixed fee of £22.  Only one infant per adult lap is permitted.

If a separate seat has been booked for the infant they can take on board one piece of hand baggage with no weight limit.

Children over 2 years of age have the same baggage allowance as an adult passenger.  One piece of hand baggage (no weight limit), with a maximum dimension 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles.  In addition checked in baggage can be purchased.


Every infant travelling is entitled to take either a pushchair, buggy, car seat and travel cot up to a maximum weight of 10 kg (for all items).  Anything over this weight will be charged the standard luggage fee rate.  These do not form part of the baggage allowance and are carried free of charge on a limited release basis as checked baggage at the Bag Drop Desk. 

Pushchairs or buggies can be taken to the aircraft’s steps, however, check with the Bag Drop Desk where you will collect the same at your destination.

Infants under 2 years of age sitting on an adult’s lap fly for a set fee of £20.00.  They do not have a full luggage allowance. 

Infants travelling aged 6 months to 24 months (weight 9-18kg) can take their own car safety seat on board subject to purchase of a seat and availability.  The seat must be front facing and be able to be properly secured on the aircraft. There will be a charge for taking the car safety seat on board.

A child over the age of 2 has a full luggage allowance with a purchased seat.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Any infant travelling can take 2 of the 3 following items free of charge: a pushchair or buggy, a car seat or travel cot

Infants are automatically provided with a baggage allowance of 10kgs on all Thomas Cook Airlines UK flights (including those “Operated” e.g. by Avion Express) when travelling Economy Classic, Economy Plus and Premium Far.

If the infant is not using the 10 kg baggage allowance they can take all 3 items free of charge.  If they are using the 10kg baggage allowance they are only allowed 2 items free of charge.  If they require all 3 items, the third item will be used as part of their purchased baggage allowance or charged as excess baggage.

Children can carry a hand baggage item e.g. back pack, ruck sack or Trunki etc.  These items cannot be over 6kgs in weight.  If they are above this weight they will be checked into the hold and be classed as part of the hold baggage.

Infant car seats may be used on board provided a seat has been booked for the infant.  The seat must be able to be secured to the aircraft seat and facing forward.  If a passenger wishes to take a car seat on board for an infant they must notify beforehand Pre-Flight Services to discuss the regulations.


Every infant travelling has included in their ticket price a free car seat and/or a pushchair/buggy.

Pushchairs or buggys can be taken to the aircraft’s steps however you will need to check with the Bag Drop Off Desk that this is possible for your flight before proceeding to the gate.

The amount of baggage you can bring will depend on the age of your child and the type of ticket purchased for them.

There is no hand baggage allowance for infant tickets, but you may bring a reasonable amount of baby food/milk/formula for the flight.

If you have purchased a child ticked (2 to 11 years) they are entitled to bring the amount of hand baggage and checked baggage that their ticket type allows.

A child car seat/harness may be taken on board the flight if you have purchased a seat for your child and it must meet the airlines requirements.

Checked Baggage for an infant ticket (under 2 years of age).  An infant has 5kg of checked baggage, either packed in your bag or their own separate bag.  One car seat and a pushchair/buggy can also be checked in the hold.

Checked baggage for children (2 to 11 years).  Your child has an allowance of checked baggage that your child’s fare/ticket type allows.  One car seat and one pushchair/buggy.

British Airways

Every child can take free of charge up to two of the following items (as checked baggage):

  • Fully collapsible pushchair/buggy
  • Car or booster seat
  • Travel cot
  • Baby back carrier

If you are travelling from London Heathrow Terminal 5 check in at the Family Area located in Zone A.

Pushchairs/buggys can be taken to the aircraft steps, however if you want to be able to collect the pushchair/buggy at the aircraft door on arrival depends on its dimensions.

Small, fully collapsible/lightweight pushchairs and strollers (maximum dimensions 117cm x 38cm x 38cm when the pushchair is collapsed) can be taken to the aircraft door and collected at the aircraft door on departure at most airports.

The pushchair/buggy will be put in the hold and the airline will do all possible to ensure it is returned to you at the aircraft door.  Pushchairs which fold down into a carry bag, such as the Yo-Yo Zen are within the maximum hand baggage dimensions and can be taken on board.  This is in place of your larger cabin bag and not in addition.  Cabin space is limited so this is only guaranteed as long as space is available.

Larger pushchairs, including double and multi-piece pushchairs can be taken to the departure gate but you will have to collect these at the baggage carousel.

Infant Hand Baggage Allowance (under 2).  You can bring an extra bag for an infant, included in your allowance, with the items that they made need during the flight.

Child Hand Baggage Allowance (age 2-11).  A child has the same hand baggage allowance as an adult.  A purchased seat for a child is given the same allowance as an adult for hand baggage.  Baggage allowances cannot be combined.

Checked Baggage Allowance for an infant (under 2).  They have one free checked bag, as per the adult weight and size limit for that travel class.  This does not apply if you are travelling with your child on a hand baggage only (Basic) fare.

Checked Baggage Allowance (age 2-11).  Your child will have the same free checked baggage allowance as you, which will depend varying on which cabin you are travelling in. 

You cannot combine your baggage allowances.

Please check your airlines Terms & Conditions for further detailed information and charges.

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