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Car Hire Fuel Policies

One of the major concerns people have when hiring a car is the car hire company’s policy on fuel.

The price you pay for your car hire is not necessarily the final price you will pay.  It will depend on the car hire company’s policy for fuel.

The fuel policy will be an added extra to the final price you pay at the desk.

Car hire companies fuel policies vary and so do the fuel charges.  You may wonder the difference in fuel policies and how do you know which to book.

Below is a brief review of the car rental companies fuel policies and charges.

What is the difference between Fuel Policies When Hiring a Car?

When starting your search you can filter the fuel policy that you prefer.

When you know the difference in the options available and your preference tick the box in the filter panel on the left hand side.

The search engine will show the car hire deals available with your preferred choice of fuel policy.   This extra fuel fee will be charged by your rental company when you collect your car from the car hire desk at the airport.  Knowing in advance will enable you to be prepared for this extra cost.

Our website has a filter option to choose from when refining your search to state which Fuel Policy you prefer.

Alternatively, you can do a price comparison showing the car hire costs with the different fuel options.

Below are the fuel options available:

Full to Full Fuel Policy

Your car is supplied with a full tank of fuel.  Simply return the car with a full tank to avoid any re-fueling charges.

If, when you collect the car, you realise the tank is not full, you will need to notify your car hire company before you leave the airport.  They will then either fill the rest of the tank, or will make a note of where the fuel is filled to and you will return it filled to this point.

The important point to remember is that the vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel in the tank as you collected it.  As long as you re-fill what you have used there will be no additional charges.

Sometimes the car hire company may hold a payment for fuel on your credit card but this will be refunded when you return the car with a full tank of fuel.

There are no additional costs on top of this.

Pre-Purchase Fuel Policy

  • Your car is supplied with a full tank of fuel when you collect it.
  • You will be charged for this fuel when you collect your hire car.
  • You return the car with an empty tank of fuel.
  • You will not be refunded for any unused fuel.

Pre-Purchase (Partial Refund) Fuel Policy

  • Your car is provided with a full tank of fuel.
  • You will be charged for the fuel at the car hire desk.
  • You will be charged a non refundable administration fee.
  • You can use as much of this fuel as you like and will be refunded for any unused fuel.

As with the Full to Full Fuel Policy and Pre Purchase Fuel Policy, the car hire company may charge a little extra on their fuel rate compared to the current price for fuel.

Which Fuel Policy to Choose

Generally the Full to Full Fuel Policies are with car rentals which are slightly more expensive.

However, you need to work out which fuel policy will work best for you.

Work out beforehand the distance you are likely to travel. This will affect your choice of Fuel Policy.

A “Full to Full” fuel policy may work out cheaper for you than a “Full to Empty” policy.

If you are not going to be driving far, you may end up returning your hire car with a lot of unused fuel in the tank, therefore a “Full to Empty” policy would work out more expensive.  Only having to replace the fuel you have used in a “Full to Full” fuel policy could work out cheaper.

When you pay for the fuel at the car hire desk at the airport there will be no extra fees to pay when you return the hire car when you choose a Full to Full fuel policy.

Pre-Purchase (Partial Refund) means that you will get a refund for any unused fuel but there will be an administration fee to refund this payment to you.

Point to Remember When Returning Your Hire Car:

Make sure you fill the tank up before you return it to the car hire company.

They will charge you a higher rate to fill the tank at the airport and may also charge you an administration fee.

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