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Disability Assistance

A disability, reduced mobility or requiring assistance when travelling shouldn’t be a barrier to your travel arrangements.  The key to making your journey and experience enjoyable is to plan ahead.

Disability Assistance or Reduced Mobility Assistance

Since 2008 it has been compulsory for all European airports to provide assistance to passengers with any disability or reduced mobility.

Tenerife South Airport (TFS) complies fully with these requirements.

Help for passengers requiring assistance is the responsibility of a Passenger Reduced Mobility (PRM) agent at the airport.  The agent has responsibility to board and seat all passengers requiring assistance.

If you require disability assistance please read the information available from the Aena website or check out the information on the link below.  You will find out everything you need to know on how to request PRM assistance at Tenerife South Airport.

If you require disabled or reduced mobility assistance you need to ensure this service is requested at least 48 hours in advance on the Aena website.

Aena also have available a 24 hour telephone helpline.  This is for any queries you may have regarding mobility assistance.

Aena’s telephone number is: 902 404 704 or outside of Spain (+34) 91 321 10 00.

You can submit a request for assistance by filling in the Request for Assistance Form on the Aena website.  Ensure you submit your request for assistance no later than 48 hours in advance.

Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) Codes

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) agreed categories and codes for passengers with reduced mobility.

Passengers With Reduced Mobility (PRM Codes)

WCHC: Passenger who is completely immobile.  They can move only with the help of a wheelchair or another means.  They require assistance at all times from arrival at the airport to seating in the aircraft.  If necessary, seated in a special seat fitted to his/her specific needs.

WCHP: Passenger with a disability of the lower limbs.  They have sufficient personal ability to take care of themselves.  However require assistance to embark or disembark.  They can only move about in an aircraft cabin with the help of an on-board wheelchair.

WCHR: Passenger who can walk up and down stairs and move about in an aircraft cabin.  They require a wheelchair or other means for movement between the aircraft and the terminal.  Requiring assistance in the terminal and between arrival and departure points.

WCHS: Passenger who cannot walk up or down stairs.  They can move about in an aircraft cabin however require a wheelchair to move between the aircraft and the terminal.  Requiring assistance between arrival and departure points of the terminal.

BLND: Blind or visual impairment.

DEAF: Passenger who is deaf or a passenger who is deaf without speech.

DEAF/BLIND: Blind and deaf passenger who can only move about with the help of an accompanying person.

DPNA: Is a broad IATA code.  This covers any disabled passenger requiring assistance from others to travel.  This also includes passengers with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

WCMP: Wheelchair (Manual Power) to be transported by a passenger.

WCBD: Wheelchair (Dry Cell Battery) to be transported by a passenger. This usually requires advance notification, preparation or dis-assembled.

WCBW: Wheelchair (Wet Cell Battery) to be transported by a passenger.  This usually requires advance notification, preparation or dis-assembled.

If you require disability assistance you must check with your airline before booking that you are able to fly with them.

If any disability or mobility issues arise after booking contact your airline as soon as possible to notify them.

For more information on Disability Assistance at Tenerife South Airport check our page below.  If you require any more information regarding assistance or mobility issues when flying check our Disability Assistance Pages Under “Information”.

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