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The end of your holiday will arrive all too quickly and to make sure you arrive home relaxed and refreshed it is important that you plan ahead for your departure.  Below are some helpful tips to make things go smoothly.

  • Make sure you have to hand all the documentation you need to check in and pass through security and passport control. e.g. passport, boarding pass, visa (if required).  You can be charged by your airline if you have forgotten to print off your boarding pass or have lost it.  Most airlines allow you to check in online up to two to four hours before departure.
  • Check your airline’s requirements for hand luggage, luggage for checking in and weight restrictions. You want to avoid the stress and inconvenience of having to empty your case at the check in desk if it is too heavy or if you are carrying a restricted item which you have to leave behind.
  • Allow enough time to avoid any unexpected delays.
  • If you have a rental car to return make sure you allow enough time to drop it off.
  • If you are travelling on a domestic flight or flight within the EU most airlines recommend that you check in two hours before the scheduled departure time. At peak times the airport can be very busy and delays are likely so allow extra time.
  • It can also be a good idea in peak season to check the average security check in times to ensure you allow enough time to pass through security.

When you arrive at TFS Airport you will find the departure hall and check in desks are located on the ground floor.  If you are coming to the airport by private transfer or taxi they can drop you at the door directly outside departures.

Once in the departures hall there are various information screens which show the check in desks for all flights.  If you have any queries regarding your flight or checking in, there is an information desk in the departures hall to assist you.

Check In

If you have already checked in online with your airline and only have hand luggage then you can go directly to security.  If you have checked in online and have luggage to put in the hold then you will need to check this in at your airline’s check in desk which will be displayed on the information screens in the departures hall.

If your airline enables you to download your boarding pass onto your electronic device then TFS has the facility to check your boarding pass this way.

Before you pass through Security and Passport Control make sure you have all your belongings and if you need any assistance there is an Information Point in the main departure hall.

A pharmacy is also available for those last minute items that you need for your trip home.

You can now proceed to security.

Oversized objects/Bicycles

As with all baggage going in the hold you will need to take these items to your flight’s check in desk.

You will be given a label for your oversized luggage and directed to the appropriate drop off point for oversized luggage in the airport.

Security & Passport Control

You will need to present your boarding pass for checking either in paper form or via your mobile device, which will then be scanned.

Trays are available to place all your belongings in, hand bags, metal items (don’t forget your belt), laptops and electronic items need to go through separately and these will then go through an x-ray machine.  You will be able to collect your personal items once you have passed through the security checkpoint.

You will then need to proceed through Passport Control.  Make sure you have your passport or other travel documentation ready.  European Nationals who hold an ID card are able to use their card to travel to certain European Countries.  However all passengers should check beforehand the documentation required for their flight.

Check the Aena website for more details.

Departure Lounge

Once you are through security and passport control you can enjoy the facilities available in the departure lounge.  Before you start shopping for your Duty Free items check your boarding gate on the various screens to see what time your flight will be boarding and the gate number.

Departure Lounge Facilities

In the departure lounge you will find there are a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to unwind and relax in and although these outlets are not open 24 hours there are also vending machines available out of hours.



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