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Security Screening Tenerife South Airport

Passengers leaving from Tenerife South Airport are required to pass through security screening.

All passengers are required to pass through the airport’s metal detector. Passengers may also be scanned with a smaller hand held metal detector (wand).

All hand luggage at Tenerife South Airport is required to pass through an x-ray machine.

All items which you are carrying on board, including any food, electronic devices, photographic film etc must pass through the x-ray machines.

Metal Detectors

At Tenerife South Airport passengers are required to pass through the metal detectors at security.

The metal detector which you pass through is not an x-ray machine.   The items of luggage which go in the hold of the aircraft will pass though an x-ray machine.

Metal detectors are designed to identify any weapons or items which may be used as an offensive weapon. The metal detector emits a low frequency magnetic field.

The metal detector is considered safe for pregnant women, babies and young children. This also applies for the hand held metal detectors (wands) that security personnel on occasion use.


If you have a pacemaker or an ICD it is best to inform airport security before passing through.

If a hand held metal detector (wand), is necessary, ask them not to hold the metal detector near the device or ask for an alternative form of personal search.  Walk through any security system at a normal pace.

You should always carry with you your device identification or card.

Most pacemakers and ICD’s will not be affected by interference but it may cause the security alarm to trigger.

If you have a unique implant or doubts about the metal detector due to the age of your pacemaker, it is best to consult your doctor before travelling.

If you have any concerns contact the MHRA who will be able to answer any questions you have relating to your pacemaker or ICD.

Hand Luggage

The x-ray scanners produce lower power x-rays than the hold luggage scanners which are used at Tenerife South Airport.

The x-ray beams are purely directed at the luggage passing through the machine. The machines have internal shields to stop radiation leakage.

All hand luggage, including camera films, electronic devices and food items such as baby food or milk are not affected, nor do they contain any residual radiation.

The x-ray scanner used for all luggage placed in the hold is much higher and any camera film should be kept in your hand luggage to avoid damage to photographic film.

Body Scanners

Full body scanners are not in use at Tenerife South Airport.

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